Our Care Journal has a lot of features that can be used in different ways to support caring in your life. The Our Care Journal app is a way to help you care the way that suits you best.  Our approach has been to provide technology, a tool, that can be used in a range of different ways to help you coordinate care and make your life easier. The app features are flexible and lend themselves to being used in a range of different situations dependent on your life, your location, your care team, unpaid and paid carers, your preferred communication methods and a host of other things. Our Care Journal is designed to be a useful tool in your Carer Toolkit.

Cartoon by Simon Kneebone

Trina and Teresa

For example, Trina uses the app to stay connected with her mum and her sister Teresa. Trina lives 1500km away from her mum and so does her Teresa. They all downloaded the app to use and set up a profile for their Mum. While Mum, 80, checks the app, she rarely enters any data. Trina and Teresa add information like medicines, visits from the cleaner and appointments with the hairdresser. They added photos of the medications and documents such as the driver’s licence medical approval. They added reminders for GP appointments into the Calendar and add notes to the Journal whenever they talk with their Mum, particularly about her health. From time to time, they add memorable experiences about their Mum into the Stories section, especially when their Mum brings up a story they may have forgotten. They also added the next door neighbours as emergency contacts. While both neighbours don’t access the app, they have a copy of the Care Plan that’s been shared with them in case they need it in an emergency.


Jules uses Our Care Journal to manage their own care. Jules has a degenerative condition that means they requires constant care, and has up to 5 carers on a fortnightly roster to assist in the home. Jules has added each carer to the app and adds all the relevant information necessary. Each carer has journal and tracker access only, which means they can add to the journal and track/monitor items such as appetite, sleep and pain but cannot edit or delete any other information on the app. This means Jules can be assured that the information is safe. Jules adds notes for each carer into the Stories section and uses the Journal on a daily basis to monitor wellbeing and to communicate anything that needs doind. Jules’ carers also use the app with other people they care for simply by adding to the ‘In My Care’ section under the menu bar. This allows carers to provide care for more than one person. Jules can also add or delete carers from the menu bar as well or via the Care Network.


Jenny and Andy

Jenny uses Our Care Journal with her son Andy who’s four. Andy has ASD and his care requires a bit of coordination. Jenny tracks his mood using the Journal and monitors his diet and his reactions too, using the Red Flag icon for anything that seems out of the ordinary. She shares the Reports with Andy’s GP and his Occupational Therapist, usually by email.  She includes a Red Flag report as well as a Mood Report. This saves her a lot of time in the appointment since they’re normally every two to four weeks. Jenny also shares the Care Plan and his Routine with Andy’s Kindy teacher so the teacher can understand his behaviour patterns better, but also information on his dietary needs.  Jenny’s husband Dan also has full access to the app so he cancheck the Journal and see Jenny’s posts on how things are going during the day. This has helped Jenny and Dan to focus not just on the medical aspects of Andy’s care but also the positive day to day experiences.

Three different lives, three different ways to use Our Care Journal.

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