2019 has got off to a great start for Our Care Journal. Our team has been working on a range of updates to the app. This month, based on user (you!) feedback, we have made a range of changes that hopefully give a smoother user experience. We love getting user feedback from carers and people using the app. Not only does it help us to make decisions about what items on our to-do list to tackle next, it helps us to understand just what your needs are as carers and how the app can help you.

“I love the interface, it’s very easy to find your way around and use. Great way to keep info accessible to all in care network. The app is missing some functions I need for my father and the developers were Very helpful in following up and discussing how to integrate them.”

m0407olly0407, 17/02/2019 4/5 Stars

Adding more and typing less

To save you from having to type, we have added ‘swimming’ and ‘dentist’ to the items you can choose from in the calendar and routine. These were coming up a bit in the database so it makes sense for us to add them in there for you.

For those who want to say more, there is now a 5000 character limit for journal entries and for entries in the medical section. This means you can now type away to your heart’s content and hopefully not run out of room! Don’t forget, if your phone allows it, you can also use voice to text to write your journal and other entries.

Routine and Calendar

Over time, we’re going to be looking at some significant changes to the calendar and routine section, as well as the addition of a task management system. For the moment, we’ve added fortnightly and monthly recurrence to the calendar. This came from feedback by a carer using the app with her mother. She wanted to add her mother’s regular hairdresser appointment but realised she could only add one at a time! Her user feedback has helped us to add recurring appointments into the calendar. We have also renamed ‘routine’ to ‘weekly routine’ to make it clearer how to use this section and added a button in the calendar to ‘add a daily or weekly event’.

Get in Touch

We really hope these changes help to make your experience better. Don’t forget, if you have user feedback you’d like to share, then please get in touch with us by emailing

Leonie, Co-founder, Our Care Journal

P.s. Don’t forget to check our earlier blog posts for info and tips on using the app.

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