OUR CARE JOURNAL – user feedback driving change

We love feedback! In the six weeks since we launched, we’ve had some gems given to us by you, the users of Our Care Journal app.  As a result of your feedback, our update this week will see a few tweaks to a couple of things.

You’ll notice an updated list of events to choose from when adding to your Routine (in your Care Plan) and your Calendar (for one-off events).  We’ve made the list the same for both of these to give you some consistency.

From the calendar, you’ll also now be able to add recurring events.

We’ve also changed the name of ‘Contacts’ to ‘Care Network’ to make it easier to see who’s in your care network and what role and level of permission they have to use the app.

Hopefully this will make your experience of Our Care Journal even better. We’ll continue to update and add to the app over time so please continue to email us your thoughts to info@ourcarejournal.com

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–  the Our Care Journal team



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