Did you know…

You can see today and tomorrow’s routine and calendar appointments at a glance from the dashboard.

The dashboard displays any events that you’ve included in your routine or your calendar. Events that are added to your calendar can also be added to your phone or tablet calendar.

Simply by swiping left, you can also see the activities for the next day. Voila! A quick way to see what’s on and what’s coming up.

In case you’ve been wondering about the difference between the Routine and the Calendar, here’s a quick rundown. Routine activities are any activities that need to be done on a daily or regular basis. For example, bathing or showering, taking medication, and so on. Adding an activity to the Routine means it is also automatically added to the Care Plan. You can share the Routine with others by clicking the share icon from the Care Plan page.

Activities added via the calendar are those appointments and events that don’t happen on a known day or time, for example, a hairdresser appointment or an appointment with the GP, OR events that aren’t essential for the care plan. You can also add any events in the calendar to your phone or tablet calendar, for quick reference.

And have you noticed the lightbulb?? For those days when you need some inspiration on things to do, click the lightbulb and see what happens! Go on, we dare you! Hint: make sure the Likes/Dislikes section of the care plan.

We welcome your feedback at all times, to improve and further develop Our Care Journal to make life easier for carers and the people around them.

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