Welcome to the first of our articles for Our Care Journal. We’ll be bringing you regular news and information about care and caring, as well as tips and advice on how you can make the Our Care Journal work for you.

First off, we’d like to introduce our team, whose passion and ideas drives everything that happens at Our Care Journal. Simon, Leonie and Tara have been working on the design and development for more than a year. And the journey is personal for all of them. Leonie, Simon and Tara have all seen their mothers care for their partners or a parent. Like many other people the world over, their families have taken on the labour of love that is caring, to look after the people in their lives who are closest to them. For them, developing Our Care Journal is not just a way to solve a problem, it is a way to help families gain quality time when it matters the most.

This is one of the reasons Our Care Journal will always be free to anyone who needs to use it. Our Care Journal aims to make sure that accessing help for carers and the people around them is as easy as possible.

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