Features designed by Carers for Carers

Our Care Journal has been co-designed with carers to include features that make life easier for carers and the people around them. Explore Our Care Journal, discover the features and customise it to suit you and your needs.

Individual Care Plans
– Create personalised everyday care plans with all the information everyone needs to know to be on the same page.

Emergency Care Plans
– Share an emergency care plan with everyone in your care system
– Ensure everyone knows what to do in a crisis

Likes & Dislikes, Habits & Routine
– From food to music to sport and books, record preferences for everything.
– Add anecdotes and pictures, store favourite meals and recipes too.
– Great for succession planning

Wellbeing & Health Tracking
– Monitor wellbeing from sleep to mood to blood pressure and appetite
– Red flag anything concerning, add pictures or a comment

Journal & Share
– Communicate with everyone in your system by adding to the Journal. Record daily activities, take a photo and upload it, share a special moment.

– Add appointments and special events to your calendar and share with your system

Create and Share Reports
– Share individual or collated reports on activities and conditions

Carer Wellbeing and Support
– Monitor carer wellbeing and access care resources
– Connect with other carers for advice and support

Care Network
– Add useful contacts in your care network and access their details anytime

Star Offers
– Access Star Offers from our Care Hub partners – an easy way to find services and products for all your care needs

Connecting you to a new world of empowerment

Our Care Journal helps you manage the complex world of caring. No more stress. No more worries. Peace of mind.

Step One

Download Our Care Journal from iTunes or the Play Store.

Step Two

Open the app and create your profile.

Step Three

Invite your family and friends to be part of the network. You set permission levels so you’re always in control.

Step Four

Enjoy the freedom to care.

“This is great – I needed it years ago!”

Wendy Carer

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