The first co-design workshops for Our Care Journal were held in March in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Carers gave us a tonne of wonderful input to make our app even more person-centred and human in its approach to design. As well as wanting to make sure there was a way to store vital information about the person being cared for, carers confirmed how important it is to connect with other carers, as peers and sources of support and information.

We’ve integrated functions that support carers to connect with others who are either close by or coping with a similar issue. Connecting is done by email through our app so connecting is safe and secure. Being able to talk with someone who knows exactly what it’s like being a carer is both validating and beneficial. Carers report feeling isolated and undervalued so peer support is important.These concepts were brought home strongly in our co-design workshops.

The Connect with a Carer function can be found our Carer Dashboard (it’s the green one). You can only be connected to other carers if you’ve enabled your brief profile to be shared. Try it out – you might be surprised how many carers there are willing to lend an ear in times of need.

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