Offering your business a new way to connect with carers

Our Care Journal is committed to working with like-minded organisations to improve the overall care experience. If your business or organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of carers and those they care for, and you’re interested in digital solutions that will improve your business outcomes, then Our Care Journal may be just what you need.

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Here are the key benefits for your business

Enhance Quality of Care

Our Care Journal truly humanises, simplifies and eases the burden of care. All of these benefits combine to enhance the overall quality of care provided for carers and by carers, as well as other health professionals, family members, and service providers in the care system. Monitor and track client progress, check in using the app, improve response times to issues and problems.

Deep data insights

You can’t fix it if you’re not measuring it! Monthly reports provide deep insights into your client’s demographics, location, app usage, and retention. You can use this data to better engage with clients, identify areas for improvement and growth, and ultimate increase your business’ success.

Improve Communication with Clients

Increase customer relationship management, loyalty, and communication efficiency, whilst offering your customers the ultimate in value. By offering Our Care Journal you become more than a service provider… you are part of theirs and their loved one’s healthcare journey!

Become a valued health partner

Be part of your customer’s health care journey by offering a free tool to enable them to track health, well-being, memories, appointments, medications and connect with other carers in your community

Support Carer Wellbeing

Caring for the carer has never been easier. Carers are able to self-track their wellness, access resources and support and even connect to other carers – all activities that contribute to overall wellbeing and better quality care.

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