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We have several people caring for a loved one.  Can we all use it?

Yes!  In fact, Our Care Journal is optimised to support multiple carers.

  • Sign into the app and create a profile for your loved one.
  • Select ‘Contacts’ from the dashboard and tap ‘Add a contact’.
  • Enter the carer’s name and email address. You can specify their role (e.g. co-carer, wife, gardener etc.) and set them as an emergency contact.
  • Set their permission status to either:
    • Contact only: if you don’t want the carer to access anything in the app but you want to record their contact details and their role.
    • Journal and tracker access: if you’d like the carer to be able to add to the person’s journal and health reports.
    • Full access: If you’re happy for the carer to access the person’s complete care journal.

Reminder: you will need to acknowledge consent from the person you’re caring for to allow other carers to access their personal information.

  • You will then be asked if you’d like to invite the added carers to the app. If the carer signs in to the app using their email address they will be automatically be given access (according to the permissions you have set) to the person’s care journal. They can also access the person’s care journal via a code (which we will email to them).

Once the carer has joined the app you can start sharing care. Information that you add to the person’s care journal will automatically be available to all the carers in the person’s network.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We take data security and privacy very seriously! Your data is just that … YOUR data.  It is only available to those who you choose to share it with. For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

What if I change phones?

Our Care Journal is a cloud-based system.  That means your data is secure and will be available exactly as it is now even if you replace your current phone or tablet.

I’m not very tech savvy. Is it hard to use?

We have developed this app with a very broad range of carers to make sure that it’s accessible and user friendly for all. However, if you do ever have any questions, we are always there to help answer your questions.

How do I share information about someone I’m caring for?

Once you have created or have access to a person’s care journal you can share extracts from the journal with others, even if they don’t have the app.

Look out for a ‘Share’ icon (3 green circles) at the top right-hand side of the app. Tapping the share icon will allow you to share whatever is in the current screen.

When you tap the share icon a share popup will open. You can either share the information via email or copy a web link (by tapping the link icon in the share popup), which you can then paste into a text message, email message or web browser.

The following screens can currently be shared:

  • Emergency care plan (open the emergency care plan by tapping the ambulance icon at the top right of the app)
  • Care Plan
  • Reports

Can I add more than one person I’m caring for?

You can add as many people you are caring for as you like.

  • From the app’s left-hand menu select ‘Add a person you care for’
  • Enter the details of the person and tap ‘Next’
  • Your app will now show the profile for this person
  • You can navigate between the people’s profiles by tapping the red left and right arrow icon at the top of the app or by swiping the top half of the app. You will only see these red arrows if you have more than one person in your care journal.

How do I remove someone’s profile from the app?

You can remove a person’s profile at any time:

  • From the app’s left-hand menu select the person whose profile you would like to remove
  • Select ‘Remove profile’
  • What happens next depends on whether you are the carer who originally created the person’s profile in the app (i.e. the ‘profile owner’)
    • If you are the profile owner removing a person’s profile will remove the person’s complete profile from Our Care Journal. If the person has other carers in their contacts, these carers will no longer see the person’s profile in the app. When you completely remove a person’s profile from Our Care Journal we will delete all the information that was entered for that profile from our database.
    • If you are not the profile owner (e.g. if you were invited to join someone’s care) then this action will only remove the person from your app (i.e. other carers who are in the persons’ contacts will still be able to access the person’s profile.)

How can I connect with other carers?

You can find other carers and reach out to them through Our Care Journal:

  • Open the app and select the ‘switch views’ icon (a green and red circle) at the bottom right corner of the app
  • Select ‘Connect with a carer’
  • You will see a list of carers in your area if you have previously allowed the app to connect
  • You can edit the information that is visible to other carers by tapping your profile picture (or silhouette) at the top of the app
  • Select the person that you would like to connect with, enter a personal message and then select ‘Connect’
  • We will send the carer an email with your message, profile picture and email address on your behalf

How do I remove my profile?

You can remove your profile at any time:

  • From the app’s left-hand menu select ‘Edit profile’ under your name
  • Select ‘Remove profile’ at the bottom of this screen
  • When you completely remove your profile from Our Care Journal we will delete all the information that was entered in your profile from our database

How can I make the text bigger?

The app responds to the text size that you’ve set in your phone. If you’d like to increase the text size go to you phone settings and select the relevant option (e.g. in iPhone go to Phone settings > General > Accessibility > Larger text).

Set the text at the size you want and then return to the Our Care Journal app. The text in the app should update according to the text size you have set.

How do I refresh information in the app?

Information in the app should update automatically but if you need to manually refresh a screen at any time you can simply swipe downwards (pull down) on the screen at any time. This will update the display with the latest information in the person’s profile.

How can I remove something I’ve added to the journal?

You can change or delete any entries that you have added to a person’s journal:

  • Open the app and tap the Journal and Health Tracking segment
  • Tap the journal entry you want to change or delete. You will be given the option to save or delete your entry
  • You are not able to change or delete journal entries that other people have added

Can’t open app after updating

If you are having trouble opening the app after updating from the App Store, please follow the steps below. This will delete the app and re-install it from the app store.

Steps to delete and re-install the app:

  • Hold the app icon for a few seconds until it jiggles;
  • Press the small “x” button on the icon to delete the app from your device;
  • On your device, open the Apple or Google “App Store” app then go to Updates and find our app and then install it;
  • Open the app and re-enter your log in information

Submit a feature request

Thanks for using Our Care Journal! We love reading all of your reviews and feedback. Our goal is to provide you with the best care app available and we welcome any suggestions you may have to further enhance the app! Simply email your suggestions to us and we’ll consider them during our next app update.

Do you offer Support?

If you’ve read through all of the FAQs and can’t find a solution to your problem you can email us here.