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Our Care Journal is a comprehensive, yet simple, solution to the problems associated with being a caregiver — a role that turns everyday people into care coordinators, medical record keepers, decision makers, health system navigators, administrators and deliverers of care.

Our Care Journal has been created with carers and the people they care for at the centre of the design process, and boosts the wellbeing of those being cared for and caregivers themselves.

“Carers need a simple tool to record critical information and share tips, life histories, activities, plans or more simply, just how the night has been”

How We Came to Be

Leonie Sanderson and Simon Lowe created The Ageing Revolution, born from a passion for social change and a desire to combat ageism.  Leonie and Simon’s knowledge gained working in the care and ageing sector, in policymaking and in digital storytelling and community engagement allowed them a wonderful platform upon which to develop Our Care Journal.

Beginning with a host of insights from a series of road trips unearthing the stories of older people from all around Australia, Leonie and Simon worked in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology on an intensive co-design process with carers. Full-time and part-time primary carers of family members, and paid secondary carers helped to identify the major concerns and support needs of caregivers. Our Care Journal has built on the knowledge and wisdom of carers themselves to develop a solution that makes life easier for carers and the people around them.

Why Use Our Care Journal

Our Care Journal creates a virtual world where carers and their families can connect and share their practical, human and emotional experiences, all while they coordinate better organised care. Some of the many benefits for carers using our app include:

Connect Your Network

Create and share an everyday care plan as well as a special emergency care plan so everyone in your care system knows what to do in a crisis

Communicate Easily

Coordinate with others in the care system and keep everyone in the loop with routines, habits, and preferences ensuring the highest quality care experience

Track Wellbeing

Keep an eye on different elements of wellbeing from sleep to mood to blood pressure and appetite

Have all your information close at hand

Keep your daily care plan and your emergency care plan up to date and accessible when needed

Record memories and milestones

Safely store special memories and milestones with those in your care system

Connect with other carers

Our peer to peer function allows you to connect with other carers for support when and how you want to

Access Star Offers from Our Care Hub partners

An easy way to find services and products for all your care needs.

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Meet The Team


Sarah Bock


Sarah Bock is an educational developer with over 15 years experience building online tools, courses and educational mobile applications.
Her work with training organisations in the community, tertiary and vocational sectors has given her exposure to and experience in a wide range of educational technologies including learning management systems, database technology and mobile platforms.
She currently works as manager and lead developer in her company eLearn Australia and is the CTO at Our Care Journal.
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Simon Lowe

Director / Co Founder

Simon Lowe is a partnerships and loyalty design expert and is adept at transformative systems change.
He has worked on the development of mobile apps and cloud-based systems and is experienced at gamification and behavioural change. Simon is committed to building thriving relationships between companies, government, community organisations and the people who need services and assistance. Read More


Leonie Sanderson

Director / Co Founder

Leonie Sanderson is an engagement specialist and experienced strategist. Leonie has worked in a variety of leadership roles across government and community, delivering and implementing social policy strategies.
Her background in psychology and media as well as a brief sojourn as a pop star in Taiwan gives her a unique position from which to deliver social change. Leonie is dedicated to making sure people’s lived experience directly influences the creation of solutions to social problems. Read More

Our Advisors


Andrea Gallagher

After two decades working as a Communications and Marketing specialist in the corporate world, in 2016 Andrea turned her writing focus to creating better picture books about grandparents.
She is now the author of two children’s books, Superstar Grandmas, and, Mega-rad Grandads, but continues to work in the business world, where her passion is for saying things simply and connecting people through strong storytelling. Andrea also has the experience of caring for multiple generations in her family, including co-care for her 92-year-old Grandmother. Read More


Rick Martin

Rick is a cofounder at Equal Reality, and is a specialist at creatively solving business and social problems through technology design and entrepreneurship.
He is also an alumni of MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Program, and a winner of the UN’s Unleash Innovation Lab for Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to Equal Reality, Rick worked at Bloomberg as a key account manager for the international investment banks in Sydney, and financial analytics in London. Read More


Evonne Miller

Associate Professor Evonne Miller is the Director of the QUT Design Lab, in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology.
She recently led an Australian Research Council funded project exploring how to re-design aged care for the 21st century and has published widely in the fields of population ageing, health and wellbeing, urban design, climate change and sustainability, as well as disasters, vulnerability and resilience. She has worked closely with The Ageing Revolution on the development of the Our Care Journal app, collaborating through a co-design workshop and a photographic exhibition on life as a carer. Read More


Karen Sanders

Forging her vision for emerging tech and extensive experience in civil engineering and construction, Karen Co-founded Real Serious Games in 2009 with a small team and shoestring budget.
Today, her company is present in 4 countries and delivered over 200 projects. She is the recipient of “Sue Wickenden Entrepreneurial Award” awarded to exceptional women entrepreneurs in technology. Outside RSG, she carries the same principles of change and is vocal about social issues, especially those relating to women. Read More


Donna Toussaint

For more than 21 years, Donna has been the primary carer for her daughter, Freya, who lives with a number of disabilities.
From the moment Freya was born, Donna and her husband Chris have sought opportunities to support Freya to live a life that is busy, interesting, creative and rich in experience. One of these opportunities is centred around a small gift shop – Thinking of You Gift – which Donna and Freya manage together. Read More


Laura Sampson

Laura has worked in the finance sector for 20 years, specialising for the last 15 years in the aged and healthcare sectors.
Previously head of Healthcare and Ageing, Australia for the Institutional Bank at NAB, she is now founder of Sampson Ventures a consultancy business providing independent finance advice to clients and strategic advisory services to the health and ageing sectors. Laura started her career at Goldman Sachs in London, but has made her home here in Australia since 2003. She is passionate about the health and ageing sectors and volunteers for a NFP cancer support program. Read More


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