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Our Care Journal makes life easier for carers and the people around them

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Are you a carer or co-carer?

Are you coordinating care for someone else? Or coordinating your own care? Download the app – it’s FREE


Are you a business
supporting carers?

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Are you a business that
offers care services?

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A new world of care to share

Our Care Journal is a mobile app that gives a practical way to coordinate and manage the routine activities of caring, freeing up time for you to focus on the more important things in life….

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Why Use Our Care Journal

Our Care Journal creates a space where carers and families can connect and share practical information and day-to-day experiences, all while they coordinate better organised care. Some of the many benefits for carers using our app include:

Connect Your Network

Create and share an everyday care plan as well as a special emergency care plan so everyone in your care system knows what to do in a crisis

Communicate Easily

Coordinate with others in the care system and keep everyone in the loop with routines, habits, and preferences ensuring the highest quality care experience

Track Wellbeing

Keep an eye on different elements of wellbeing from sleep to mood to blood pressure and appetite

Have all your information close at hand

Keep your daily care plan and your emergency care plan up to date and accessible when needed

Record memories and milestones

Safely store special memories and milestones with those in your care system

Connect with other carers

Our peer to peer function allows you to connect with other carers for support when and how you want to

Access Star Offers from Our Care Hub partners

An easy way to find services and products for all your care needs.

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Freedom to care

Our Care Journal supports caring… to help keep track, share, support, be supported and manage the daily activities of everyday life. Our Care Journal makes life easier and puts choice and control in your hands.

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Connect with new ways to care

If you and your business or organisation is dedicated to improving the care experience, then you can
use Our Care Journal too.

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Share the Care

If you’re a business that offers care services, why not join Our Care Hub. Our Care Hub showcases
products and services to Our Care Journal app users

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use?

Our Care Journal is free for all users

We have several people caring for a loved one. Can we all use it?

Yes! Our Care Journal supports multiple carers helping together. You simply choose one primary carer, then add other carers into the app. Set their permission access and start sharing care. The information will be available on all approved carer devices, set at the level chosen.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We take data security and privacy very seriously! Your data is just that … YOUR data. It is only available to those who you choose to share it with. For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

What if I change phones?

Our Care Journal is a cloud-based system. That means your data is secure, and will be available
exactly as it is now even if you replace your current phone or tablet.

I’m not very tech savvy .. is it hard to use?

Our Care Journal is easy and simple. We have developed this app with a very broad range of carers to make sure that it’s accessible and
user friendly for all. However if you do ever have any questions, we are always there to help answer
your questions.

Connect to a new world of care… It’s free!

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